Slimming Cure

    5 days - Solo

    5 days | 12 treatments

    Targeted, high-performance treatments, the key to a successful slimming cure
    It's the ideal programme for losing weight while toning up. Thanks to the slimming expertise of our practitioners and our programme of hydrotherapy treatments, your figure is taken in hand, the body is purified; the skin is detoxified, smoothed and toned. Your body is visibly firmer. Access to our gym included.


    Take advantage of our 5-day slimming cure. 12 treatments to help you feel better about yourself and get back into shape:

    • 1 melting-relaxing scrub 30 min
    • 3 draining hydromassage baths with Breton laminaria seaweed, each lasting 20 minutes
    • 2 Sculpteur silhouette slimming treatments of 60 min each
    • 1 Starvac system slimming treatment of 30 min each or 1 manual palpate-roll treatment
    • 2 aesthetic lymphatic drainages of 45 min each
    • 2 hydro-jet massages (Relaxing Hot Water Mattress or WellSystem Hydromassage Tonic), each lasting 20 minutes
    • 1 30-minute detox slimming body wrap
    • Free access to the Spa : sauna, jacuzzi, hammam, heated swimming pool, solarium, lounge area, herbal tea room

    To book your treatment programme, please contact us directly on 02 97 73 64 64.

    Prices exclude accommodation. For more information on our accommodation rates, please contact us on 02 97 73 64 64.


    Our beauty massages or modelling treatments are non-therapeutic, non-medical treatments, carried out by beauticians or spa practitioners who are either apprentices or qualified.

    The time described for our treatments or rituals includes time for you to settle in comfortably and then return to the outside world. For a session of 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, 1h30 or 2h, the effective durations are: 25 min, 40 min, 50 min, 1h20 and 1h50.