Sublime Polynesia Body Ritual

    1h30 - Duo

    Sublime smoothing scrub 30 min, Sublime relaxing Polynesian massage 60 min.


    Originating from Polynesian beauty rites, this Ritual is a complete treatment that acts on the body and mind. The scents of organic Tiaré and Monoï flowers provide an escape throughout the treatment, encouraging you to let go and promote well-being.

    Our beauty massages and modelling treatments are non-therapeutic, non-medical, and carried out by qualified beauticians and spa practitioners.

    The time described for our treatments or rituals includes time for you to settle in comfortably and then return to the outside world. For a 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, 1h30 or 2h session, the effective durations are: 25 min, 40 min, 50 min, 1h20 and 1h50.