Spirulina Boost Facial Care

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1h - Solo

Personalised facial treatment - Cleansing, exfoliation, specific draining anti-ageing massage (20 min), detox-lift mask with Spirulina algae (20 min), day cream.


Spirulina Boost is a natural 100% treatment, an innovation from Thalgo. It is designed for people who suffer from a polluted urban environment and accumulate fatigue and stress. This treatment is an express way of getting your skin back into shape. A blend of spirulina, marine magnesium and natural vitamin C from acerola, these active ingredients help to restore your skin's vigour. A complex called Algal also combats the deposit of fine pollutant particles. It acts like a shield, protecting the skin from external aggression. The first wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin looks more radiant and is more resistant to the stresses of daily life in the city.

A detoxifying treatment for city dwellers, enriched with Spirulina and boosted with marine magnesium to relax the features, restore a fresh complexion and smooth the skin.

Who is it for? Any woman looking for an anti-ageing treatment for tired, lacklustre skin and the appearance of the 1st wrinkles.

Results: From the 1st treatment :

- Detoxified & smoothed skin* 100%
- Relaxed features* 100%
- Lean complexion* 100%

* Clinical study carried out on 15 volunteers (women, aged 26-40, living in an urban area, all skin types non-sensitive, showing signs of fatigue), who had undergone Detoxifying Smoothing Care. Self-evaluation after 1 treatment (% of volunteers agreeing and somewhat agreeing with the claim).


The time described for our treatments or rituals includes time for you to settle in comfortably and then return to the outside world. For a 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, 1h30 or 2h session, the effective durations are: 25 min, 40 min, 50 min, 1h20 and 1h50.