Exception Marine Redensifying Anti-Ageing Facial Care

    1h30 - Duo

    Personalised facial treatment - Cleansing, exfoliation, specific anti-ageing massages (30 to 40 minutes), lifting mask, day cream.


    This manual 'facelift' has an immediate effect. Based on an exclusive 'Energilift' modelling technique, it smoothes, lifts and redefines the oval of the face. This treatment was developed in collaboration with an aesthetic doctor to optimise results. A bio-cellulose mask impregnated with redensifying-lifting active ingredients intensely plumps up the skin.

    Who is it for? For women aged 50 and over, looking for a complete treatment to smooth wrinkles, lift the face and redefine the oval of the face.

    Results : (Self-assessment results)

    100% Immediate lifting effect* from 1er treatment
    100% Smoothed wrinkles
    100% Face as if lifted
    100% Oval redesigned*

    *Clinical study carried out on 15 volunteers (aged 50-61), who underwent a facial treatment protocol consisting of the exfoliation step and the Energilift facial modelling of Exception Redensifying Care.
    - Evaluation of the anti-ageing effectiveness of the facial treatment protocol using a self-assessment questionnaire.

    Our beauty massages or modelling treatments are non-therapeutic, non-medical treatments, carried out by beauticians or spa practitioners who are either apprentices or qualified.

    The time described for our treatments or rituals includes time for you to settle in comfortably and then return to the outside world. For a 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, 1h30 or 2h session, the effective durations are: 25 min, 40 min, 50 min, 1h20 and 1h50.