12-session Lipomodelling package

        40 min - Solo


        1 personalised 30-minute assessment

        + 1 endermowear outfit

        + 1 endermologie cosmetic

        + 12th session free


        Thanks to our treatments and our support with the LPG brand, you can redefine your figure.

        We use the endermology technique. The aim of this technique is to revive our skin's dormant cellular activity in order to combat the effects of time on the skin, such as wrinkles, distended skin, stubborn plumpness and orange-peel skin.

        Endermology is the stimulation of these cells in order to wake them up and get them working again naturally.

        The LPG® treatment heads in the motorised valves (face and body) or in the roller (body only) send these signals to the cells.

        Our expert practitioners are on hand to give you the best advice and support you in your personalised programme.

        For bookings, please contact us on 02 97 73 64 64