Personalised World Massage of your choice

      1h - Solo

      Full-body massage tailored to your needs: Californian, Polynesian, Oriental, Ayurvedic or Balinese.


      From the gentlest to the most invigorating:

      Oriental : massage inspired by oriental traditions. Slow and gentle, it focuses on the whole body. Very comforting, it is performed as close to rocking as possible to perfect relaxation.

      Californian : A relaxing massage performed with a succession of long, fluid and harmonious movements over the whole body. Ideal for a first massage.

      Polynesian : This massage is a heritage of Polynesian traditions. This technique is performed over the entire body with long, continuous, enveloping movements. The practitioner uses her forearms to gently rock the entire body, letting go of everything for a totally reassuring effect.

      Balinese : A massage from Bali that combines relaxation and toning. It is performed using relaxation techniques and kneading, pressure on the meridians and stretching movements..

      Ayurvedic : An energetic and invigorating massage inspired by Indian traditions. It is performed with barely heated oil to deeply tone the whole body. It uses a variety of rhythms to awaken and revitalise the body.


      On request, choose from our Cinq Mondes products:

      • sumptuous oriental oil, Ayurvedic repair oil or sublime Polynesian oil with organic Monoi and Noni
      • rich balms with 3 tropical nuts, sublime nourishing balm from organic Polynesia, milk balm with 3 ayurvedic oils
      • light, relaxing and refreshing leg cream


      Our beauty massages and modelling treatments are non-therapeutic, non-medical, and carried out by qualified beauticians and spa practitioners.

      The time described for our treatments or rituals includes time for you to settle in comfortably and then return to the outside world. For a 60-minute session, the effective duration is 50 minutes.